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A Place for Every Artist

The Arts League was founded with the mission to champion arts education and to cultivate and sustain artists

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$35,000 goal

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Each teacher, teaching assistant, and instructor at The Arts League is a practicing artist exhibiting and doing work across the city and beyond. Without these creative practitioners, the classes, workshops, ceramics, and experiences we all know and love would not be possible. A tremendous amount of care goes into everything our artists do and we feel privileged to hold space for their work daily. Our team believes that every student we engage with–regardless of their age, background, or ability– is an artist when they walk through our doors.

TAL is a unique space in that community is built into our programming. Art After School, Day Camps, Teen Art Lab, and our in-school residencies are examples of the programs born out of active collaboration with our partners, community stakeholders, and artists. Art is a powerful tool in building relationships and understanding across generations, interests, and beliefs. This is the sentiment we use as the foundation of our work.

When we approach this work we often ask ourselves two questions – how is this in service to our community? How can the members of this community be of service to The Arts League mission? We have seen tremendous support over the years for various initiatives, campaigns, and calls to action. Which is why we’re entering this giving season with immense gratitude for those who continue to support our work and for the artists who realize our mission each and every day.

The Arts League invites you to join us as we celebrate the Year of the Artist and get back to our organizations’ roots. By giving to TAL you are contributing to a critical part of our artistic community.

“Every artist was first an amateur.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson